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Ditheramb example

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Download Ditheramb example

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How to use dithyramb in a sentence. Example sentences with the word dithyramb. dithyramb example sentences.Women's Voices Chorus performs Dravidian Dithyramb - Victor Paranjoti 05/2009 concert Cheek to Cheek

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dithyramb , in ancient Greece, hymn to the god Dionysus, choral lyric with into the literary form to be found, for example, in the dithyrambs of Bacchylides. Information about Dithyramb in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop form to be found, for example, in the dithyrambs of Bacchylides Bacchylides The dithyramb (Ancient Greek: ??????????, dithurambos) was an ancient Greek hymn sung Later examples were dedicated to other gods, but the dithyramb

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Definition of dithyramb from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and Examples of DITHYRAMB. A dithyramb was a choral hymn sung by fifty men or boys, under the The dithyramb became a feature of Greek tragedy and is considered by Examples:. A dark-prowed ship, carrying Theseus, steadfast in the din of battle, and twice seven splendid Ionian youths, was cleaving the Cretan sea; [5] for northern This poem provides an example of a dithyramb. . To Dithyramb in the Glossary. Alphabetic Page Version ยท Entire Glossary Version As part of the choric poetry Dithyramb had a chorus. The members of the chorus were disguised in animals (goats) and they were called Satyrs. The Satyrs were

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